Graduate Retreat Days

This is for graduates of any MBSR/MBCT course. It usually combines a short drop-in session for old students to begin with and then it is identical to the all­-day session that is part of the 8-week course. All previous participants are invited to partake in every subsequent 1 day retreat as this can form the back bone of the one’s continuation of practice. If you missed the 1 day retreat on the course that you did this is particularly strongly recommended.


£30 for 6 hours of guided retreat

Venue, Dates and Times

This all-­day session is held at The Hut, Alpha Place, Chelsea SW3 5SZ. The next all­day retreat dates are:

Sunday 6th March 2016 10.30am – 5.00pm

Day Schedule

This is a very rare opportunity due to the fact that we are invited to really absorb ourselves in the practice of mindfulness. In order to support this process we are invited to experiment with talking and interacting much less than we normally would. Staying quiet can have an extraordinary effect on our mind and this is why we do our best to practice this.

The day consists solely of guided mindfulness practice including sitting, lying down, walking andeating.

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