One to One Sessions

These are available for beginners or more advanced practitioners at my Chelsea clinic and on Skype. They suit people with very busy schedules or those who do not want to work in a group. The appointments can be ad hoc introduction sessions or they can be a full 8­Week MBSR/MBCT schedule done in a one to one setting.

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Chelsea Clinic:

  • £75 ­ Ad hoc 45 min Session
  • £550 ­ MBSR/MBCT Course: 8 x 1 Hour sessions

Skype Session:

  • £60 – Ad hoc 1 hour Session
  • £430 MBSR/MBCT Course: 14 hours, 8 x 1 Hour sessions plus 1 x 6 hour all­day group session

Timings and Availability

The appointments available depend on my availability. The Chelsea clinic times are restricted to Wednesdays and Fridays and Skype sessions are available some weekday mornings. Please contact me for more details.

Teaching Details

The advantage of these session is that you have much more control on the pace and direction of the sessions. We can use well­ tested structure of the 8 session MBSR/MBCT course while going through the stages in your own time.

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