About This Course

This course is suitable for beginners and those with some experience of mindfulness and meditation. The course is tried, tested and has been scientifically proven to work over many years.

It consists of eight two hour sessions on consecutive weeks and one all ­day session on a Saturday. It is intensive and should lead you to a high level of proficiency in mindfulness practice.

Quick Facts

The course starts on Wednesday the 30th of September (evening course) or Friday the 2nd of October (morning course) and runs for 8 weeks.

Each class is 2 – 2.5 hours long and there is a compulsory 1 day retreat which takes place on Saturday the 7th of November.

Before the course begins, we ask all participants to watch our introductory video content and fill out an assessment form, which will help us to tailor the course to your needs.

What Happens In Each Class

Participants are provided with a 90 page work book that contains detailed information on all aspects of the course.  Each class will consist of the following elements:

Training Practices: Such as Body Scan, Sitting Mindfulness and Moving Mindfulness.

Inquiry:  Looking at what happened within the training practices.

Cognitive Exercises:  These will demonstrate course themes.

Discussion:  About issues arising within the class/course/group.

Home Practice Schedule:  The all-important daily practice outside the classes.

Weekly Themes

These themes will be developed experientially, rather than merely theoretically, throughout the course:

Week 1:  The Present is where our Life Happens:  The opening week demonstrates what it is like to be present.  We get a glimpse of how vivid and colourful life could be if we switched off our ‘automatic pilot’ and were really present.

Week 2:  The Barriers to Being Present:  Here we explore the factors that prevent us from being present to our lives as they happen.  Often we find that presence is both wonderful but also challenging.  We see that we are actually able to hold that challenge and deal with it skilfully.

Week 3:  The Power of Being Present:  Here we learn about our ‘edges’ and start to open to all aspects of our experience.  Being present to the pleasant is a prerequisite of happiness and being present with the inevitable unpleasant enables us to learn how to be at peace with all aspects of life.

Week 4:  Our Reactivity Patterns to Stress:  Here we see how stress develops and gain a deeper understanding of the processes that are going on in our minds and bodies.  By watching these in our moment to moment experience we see that it is possible not to be enslaved by stress.

Week 5:   Acceptance: Responding instead of Reacting:  Here we learn that we can choose how we respond to our experience, rather than simply reacting in the same old ways that have not served us well.  We see that acceptance, and allowing our experience to be as it is, can open up a whole new transformative approach.

Week 6:  Are Our Thoughts Really Facts?:  Here we learn to have more perspective over our experience.  We start to see our thoughts for what they are: opinions from a perspective which constantly changes from moment to moment.  We see that our thoughts are a stream that seem to come from nowhere and disappear into nowhere, and are not a factual account of what is happening in our experience.  We also realise that we can perceive the world in a deeper way than through a constant veil of unreliable thoughts.

Week 7:  How Can I Best Take Care of Myself?:  Here we discuss and learn about how to really look after ourselves.   We examine how certain behaviours have beneficial effects and others have detrimental effects.  We empower ourselves to make more choice about how we can develop our lives in the way we would like

Week 8:  Acceptance and Change: Keeping the Practice Alive!:  Here we indulge in some looking back on the course and some looking forward to a mindful future!  Further classes, support, etc is covered and we see that we have come full-circle.


Chelsea Theatre, 7 Worlds End Place, Chelsea SW10 0DR

Morning Course

Starts: Friday 2nd of October 2015

Time: 10.15am – 12.30pm,

All day session: 10.30am – 5pm at St Luke’s Hall, Sydney Street, SW3 6NH

Evening Course

Starts: Wednesday 30th of September 2015

Time: 7.15pm – 9.20pm

All day session: 10.30 – 9.15 – 5pm at St Luke’s Hall, Sydney Street, SW3 6NH